How to properly use a tow rope?

When you travel on treacherous roads in a bed weather condition or you are using off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles, the best tow rope will help you salvage your stuck vehicle.

It’s seem like nothing complicate on how to use a tow rope. However, if you use it wrong, it could cause damage to your vehicle or even to human. This post is some basic steps and guidelines to follow for using your tow rope.

#1 Check and ensure the tow rope capable of towing your vehicle

The first thing to do is determine payload weight your tow rope is rated. The capacity of the rope is also called the breaking capacity, which is measured in pounds. Ensure that the rope has more capacity than the weight of your vehicle.

Then double check the tow rope if there are any tears, damages or defects that could weaken it.

#2 Find the trailer hitch or mounting point on your vehicle

Generally, you can fine the mounting pint on the front and the rear of a car or boat that a tow strap can connect to. These two points are also the only places that you should hook up a vehicle as the other else could possibly damage your vehicle.

In the case if you cannot find anywhere on your car to connect with the row top and you do not have other options, you can connect the tope to the car’s frame. This is the safest choice for this situation.

#3 Ready to go

If the car being towed is working they you can put this in first gear of set it in parking brake off mode. If the car is not working then it should be in neutral position and make sure there is a human in the car.

Slowly drive your car forward until the tow rope tightens. Remember to avoid sudden movements as it can cause accident. If you fell a lot of resistance, then double check your tow rope that it is hooked up the right way and do you use the suitable rope for your car.


Best chicken feed: Scratch and Peck Feeds VS. Brown’s Layer Booster Feed

When it comes to feeding your chicken, it is important to know what is best chicken feed and how to feed them. Even when different brands of feed use the same ingredients, but the proportion will depend on the chicken age and the type of chicken.

With so many options of feed available, you could be overwhelming trying to get to know all the different labels. This post will help you choose the best chicken feed by comparing two of the most common chicken feed: Brown’s Layer Booster Feed VS. Scratch and Peck Feeds.

#1 Types of feed

Both Brown’s Layer Booster Feed and Scratch and Peck Feeds are the best chicken feeds and have received positive reviews. However, there are many differences between them.

Scratch and Peck Feeds is grits and oyster shells feed for chicken. Shell grit is a rich source of calcium that helps the hens produce strong and sturdy shell eggs. Without shell grit the hens could not get enough amount of calcium and laying a wide variety of egg oddities.

Moreover, shell grits can be store in the chicken gizzard. This will make the chicken pulverize their feed and easier digest feed.

Brown feed is a pellet, which is one of the most common chicken feeds available. Pellets are compact cylinders of chicken feed. The reasons that make pellets the first choice for a chicken keeper is that they can hold their shape, easier to store and manage than other types of feed.

Besides, if you allow your chicken to access their pellets all day, they can store the excess pellets in the crop and digest them overnight.

#2 Ingredient and Nutritional

Scratch and Peck Foods can be used for all three ages of chickens: starter, grower and layer. Its ingredients include wheat, barley, peas, sesame meal plus vitamins and supplement. It is corn and soy-free, non-GMO and organic.

If you are looking for an all-natural food source for your chicken, then this feed can be the best option that gives the kitchen the total nutrition that they need. Scratch and Peck Foods provide your kitchen with an excellent amount of fatty acids and vitamins for the growth of them.

Brown feed includes corn, soybean meal, wheat middling, and other supplements. It also includes vitamins E, A, and D-3. The outstanding point of this feed is that it uses only natural plant protein.

16% Protein and high calcium formula in Brown feed make it ideal for laying hens. However, due to its amount of protein and calcium, it is should not be used for under 18 weeks of chickens.


Buying Guide: Best Rifle Borescopes

Bores of guns and rifles need your particular attention, and their maintenance is the most crucial for keeping your weapon in an excellent condition. Rifle borescopes have now made the task of maintaining rifles much easier than it used to be. Here is a quick buying guide to tell you all what you need to know for buying the best rifle borescopes.

#1 Borescope Light

Regular cleaning of your rifle requires you to inspect it from inside with detail. If you do it blindly without spotting the places with any sort of corrosion, rust or blockage, you never know if you’ve done it properly or not. An LED light is installed in the rifle borescope which illuminates the rifle from inside and helps you in inspecting every part of your rifle closely.

#2 Borescope Camera

Borescope for rifles must have a high-resolution inbuilt camera for taking pics of hard to view, narrow, and out of sight parts like muzzle, vents, pipes, curves, and corners inside your rifle. Saving those pics can then help you in cleaning the targeted areas of your rifle. After that, you can do a second inspection to see how well the cleaning is done.

#3 Teslong Screen

Rifle borescopes come with a variety of teslong screes to choose form. The teslong screen of borescope for rifles is usually a 3.5 to 4 inches LED screen which is attached to the borescope for viewing the inside of rifles The corded or rigid plug-in works extremely well for those who don’t feel a need of connecting it wirelessly, but if you feel uneasy attaching the cables then a rifle borescope with Wi-Fi connectable teslong screen would be better for you.

#4 Smartphone and Laptop Connectivity

Now, most of the borescope for rifles is connectable to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So you can easily save and view pics and videos on your chosen device.

Spotting any build-up or damage inside your rifle or gun can help you in keeping it in the best condition for long. So a rifle borescope is essential for those who care for their rifles.

See more details scopes & sights here.


How To Cut Guinea Pig Nails?

Guinea pigs require glooming and trimming their nails regularly. This is not only to keep them always look nice but also to maintain their health. You need to learn how to cut guinea pig nails to help them trim down their claws.

Without trimming, the guinea pig’s nails will curl around; this will make the walking of guinea pigs painful and uncomfortable.

How to restrain your guinea pig’s nails?

The most difficult part of this work is restraining your guinea pigs before trimming.  When you first do this work, this may the difficult task and have a helper hold your guinea pig will much easier for you.

But when the nails trimming turn to regular routine for you and your pet, your guinea pigs will get used to it and less squirm.

Take your guinea pigs out of their cage. Place them on your lap. They should be facing away from you.

Raise them up and stand by their hind legs on your lap. Place them with their back against your belly.  Then you can hold their feet easily in front of them.

If your guinea pigs still squirm and hard to control them, you can gently wrap them up using the light towel. Make sure that you do not wrap them too tightly and make them scared.

Or you can also relax them with the best guinea pig food, which will distract your pet and calm it.

How to cut guinea pigs nails?

If your guinea pig’s nails are light or bright pink, cutting in front of the quick. Ensure that you do not cut too close to the quick or your guinea pig can be a pain.

If your guinea pig’s nails are a dark color, you have to guess the safe area to cut based on the shape of the nail. If you are not confident, it is safest to cut down about ¼ inch from the top of the nail.

What to do if the nail bleeding

There are also some accidents that can be happened when trimming. If you accidentally cut into the quick part and the nails start bleeding.

Although the bleeding does not cause any disastrous you also have to stop the bleeding using some things such as styptic powder, corn starch, flour, etc.


Noticeable things when using best substrates for leopard gecko

The fact that, choosing the best substrate for leopard gecko never been an easy task. There are a lot of materials for substrates that you can easily find in the surrounding or buying in any pet store. But there is also much debate over the matter which is the best and safe for leopard geckos.

Choosing wrong can cause the directly affect the health of your pet. It is obvious that we should look for something that not contain any potentially harm your leopard gecko but still have some factors we need to pay attention to when using the best substrate for leopard geckos.

Good substrates for leopard geckos

Paper towels: Good at absorbent, always available at the cheap price, easy to replace, environment friendly. But need to replace frequently and immediately if wet.

Reptile sand mat: totally safe with leopard geckos, not cause any risk of impaction due to its feature of gluing sand particles and the mad like mild sandpaper but it may get quite hard when cleaning.

Slate tile: This material easy to replace and clean, good at maintain heat but not absorbent so you need to clean frequently. More attracted leopard geckos than paper towels.

Special clay substrates: Clay can provide leopard geckos a good condition to show their natural behaviors because it can be shaped like clay when it is wet, but tricky to install and clean. It is considered as the best bedding for leopard geckos.

Moreover, there are some other materials that you can try as substrates for your pet such as newspapers, reptile carpet, large river pebbles, stone slabs, etc. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantage. It is hard to know exactly what is suitable for your pet for the first time because each leopard geckos has its preferences.

Substrate requirements

The material of substrates should not give any trouble for leopard geckos when they walk on, laid on it and can catch the waste produced by the geckos

Cleaning and changing substrates frequency levels will depend on the types of substrate. For example, when you see some feces in the sand, you will need to clean out the cage and remove the dirty sand part.

However, if it is a paper towel, you will need to replace it at least once time a week, because the paper towel is easy to wet and rips materials. It is also not great at collecting waste as sand.

And the most important thing is that the substrates have to safe for leopard geckos. They also should not cause irritating to the gecko’s skin and do not build up the dust, which leads the problem for the gecko’s respiratory system.


Best Places to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are obtained from the hemp plant. like other flowering plants, marijuana bears seeds with all genetic composition needed for development and reproduction. If you are contemplating the best place to buy marijuana seeds, you automatically go for that place where potency, vigor, smell and other desirable traits are assured.

The first months of the year are ideal for preparing your garden for the reception of cannabis seeds. It could be challenging to visit various marijuana seeds market as different states have different levels of legality to this trade. Most countries overseas have total bans on marijuana products. The legality of marijuana products will largely depend on your state of residence. Some states have either adult-use legalization or medical marijuana legalization. If you decide to buy marijuana seeds in these states, then do that within the states’ boundaries.

You could also be thinking about the best place to buy marijuana seeds online. It could be easier than literally going to buy from a dispensary. The legalization of marijuana in the U.S. and other countries was brought about by the discovery of health properties in the plant. Due to the growing popularity in the importance of cannabis, a good number of stores are offering sales of marijuana seeds online. Some of the best-sellers are growing the plant organically to match the quality of the seeds with online advertisements.

Buying marijuana seeds online gives you a chance to buy feminized seeds that produce buds. You can plant them in your garden and wait for the buds to grow. You can also chew and swallow the seeds as they are believed to boost the immune system.

The Internet could be your best option to buy marijuana seeds but not all seeds are produced with the optimum standards. If you think of the best place to buy marijuana seeds USA, think of no other but i49. High-quality seeds are assured here and there is minimal mishandling during transit.


What should know before buying an aquarium chillers?

If you are an owner of an aquarium, you should know that fish are cold-blooded animals. That means their body temperature would depend on the environment surrounding them. This is the reason why you need aquarium chillers.

When the weather turns hot during the summertime, or if you set up a new lighting system in the tank, the temperature of the water also increases and affect the healthy life of your fish.

For anyone who never used an aquarium cooler before, here are some tips for you to choose the best device to maintain water temperature.

 #1 Energy consumption

The chiller will be run on the power of electricity and this would get you worried about the amount of electricity that they will consume.

If you have a smaller aquarium, choosing a chiller that designed to consume less energy. They will be ideal for keeping the temperature at a certain range. Take your time to compare the different device to find out what use the less energy.

 #2 Materials

Almost aquarium chiller would be made of plastic materials with some parts of metal.

You won’t want to regularly fix it or buy the new things for a short time of use, so make sure that your chiller has a robust design, resistant to corrosions, long-lasting even with the plastic part and worth your money.

 #3  Operating noise level

The operating noise level is also an important feature that you should consider before buying the aquarium chiller.

I’m sure that you do not want to end up with a chiller which makes a lot of noise. Some chiller works well at first, but over time they become more and more noise. You should check the fan and make sure that it is in good condition.


What features to look for in good aquarium filters?

A filter is a device that cleans the water in the aquarium. Water is treated cleanly of waste, toxins and toxic gases suspended in the water, making the aquarium clean, oxygen-rich to help the creatures in the aquarium live healthier.

The main filter is one of the indispensable equipment for your aquarium. However, this is not a device that you can easily choose like some other accessories.

Before considering buying any filter, you need to check it carefully to see if it meets the criteria for use. You should also refer to a few aquarium filters reviews for the most comprehensive look.

Make sure that the filter has the most important features for a filter. Those features are:

#1 The motor

The motor is one of the first things you should consider before buying the best fish tank filters. Why?

The engine is simply a continuous operation, it is the part that consumes the most energy. That’s why you should choose the most energy-efficient motor possible. But of course it should also be a smooth engine.

An energy-efficient motor will greatly support the electricity bill at the end of the month.

#2 The tubes

It may not sound as important, but this tube can drive you crazy or be completely satisfied.

There are two types of tubes that you should check carefully which are intake and outtake tubes. You should choose filters with hose sections that can easily be adjusted to the length.

Surely you will go crazy when the tube is not long enough to reach the bottom of the tank or the tube is too long to make the tank look messy.

And these tubes should be able to suck impurities on the water to ensure the living environment in the aquarium is always clean.

#3 Durability

Because the filter is a 24/7 device, you have to choose one that is durable. An aquarium filter is not an inexpensive device, so choosing a durable one is also a cost-effective measure for you.


What to consider when buying the best milk frother?

You are a coffeeholic and those expensive bills always make you regret when paying. Great latte is always one of the great things to start the day, but the price is not great at all.

The only economical solution for coffee addicts is to create a latte at home.

An important step in making a latte is the foaming of milk. To do this you need the help of the best milk frother.

You can get one thanks to the best milk frother review and refer to this guide. Some things you should consider are:

#1 Types

You can easily find 2 main types of milk frother: jug style and handheld milk frother.

These two types have different shapes and prices. The handheld milk frother is a lot cheaper than jug style one because it is a very simple device.

The handheld milk frother is like an egg whisk and you must hold it throughout the entire process.

The jug style milk frother is a more automatic type, it comes with a container and the container can warm or cool the milk. Everything becomes a lot easier when you just press the switch and this machine will take care of everything for you.

#2 Material

The material of milk frother is also something you should consider before deciding to buy.

The best material of a milk frother is stainless steel. This material is very durable, not easily destroyed by water and it does not harm the health of users.

Glass frother milk is also a good choice. The glass offers a nice, easy-to-clean appearance but it is also very fragile.

The next option that you can consider is high quality plastic. This material is not like normal plastic, it is very safe and does not occur any chemical reaction with milk.

#3 Milk types

The milk frother can be used with many different types of milk. Cow’s milk is not enough for you to extend the list of great flavors for a latte.

And you should take full advantage of this machine, you can make drinks for children with almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk.


What to look for when buying a best culinary torch?

The best culinary torch is a device that can turn ordinary food into luxury and look more expensive. Moreover this tool can help you add flavor to the dish.

The apple cake will be more fragrant when using the culinary torch, the meat or fish will retain the most original flavor thanks to this device. Therefore, you should own a best kitchen torch for your kitchen.

Why not try new ways to refresh your family’s meals? If you are planning to buy a kitchen torch, consider some of the following factors:

#1 Safety

For any kitchen appliance, the safety factor is always the most important factor when you choose. Especially with a strong fire source such as the culinary torch, you need to put more attention to this factor.

A good culinary torch should have safety components such as a safety lock or a heat shield. These characteristics must ensure that children cannot easily use it, and the risk of flame explosion should also be minimized.

#2 Adjustable

The next factor you should consider is whether the flame of the torch can be easily adjusted. Because each dish has its own unique way of cooking and heat, you cannot use a single fire for the entire dish.

Check if that kitchen torch can adjust the shape of the fire. If that is not possible then you should find another one right away.

#3 The handle

The handle needs to provide comfort when you hold it, otherwise you may find it difficult to adjust as desired.

Besides, the handle needs to be sure to ensure your safety. If the handle is not sure, it may fall off while you are using it. This could result in burns or, more seriously, a fire.

#4 Price

In general, kitchen torch is not a tool that costs you too much budget. A kitchen torch costs between $ 15- $ 30, some are more advanced with extra features.

You can invest in a torch with an average price, it has enough durability and features necessary for a best kitchen torch. If you can afford it, invest in a more expensive kitchen torch with upgraded features, which is also a good choice.

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