A portable potty for your backpack, travels and adventures; three facts about the portable potty.

Centuries ago were humans were still very close to apes; we used to do our need almost everywhere. The thing that changed is that we are a sifilized race nowadays. We eat on a table, we go to the toilet on a toilet. Why should traveling be different? That is why we need a portable potty. We will provide three facts about the portable potty you did not know yet!:

  1. Were does the term potty come from?

It is derived from the French word toile or toilette, which respectively means: a towel to cover. In china a toilet room is also called a hal of inner harmony. In the middle ages the English watch maker and math wonder Alexander Cumming got the patent on his version of the potty. Further more, 19 November is world wide toilet day, were attention is asked for the 2,5 billion people that do not have sufficient toilet facilities yet. This is mostly in Africa.

  1. Does the closing slide of the toilet should be open?

Older types of the potty are only usable without a closing slide. Some newer versions however do have a closing slide. Only have the slide was invented, the spooling of the toilet was also introduced. With a potty you will also need a slide; even though your waste will be patched in a basket.

  1. Are cleaning agents harmful for your potty?

The answer is no. Cleaning agents can contain biocides. These are fabrics that cal kill all organisms. In a publication of a German State called Beieren the use of mobile toilets (potty’s) are even cleaned completely with purification installations, whereby all the bacterias are killed. This also contains very biting acids and cleaning agents that are strongly thinned. This is why it is so powerful in the first place. When the cleaning agents are thinned enough, it is not so harmful for the environment either.

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