Best chicken feed: Scratch and Peck Feeds VS. Brown’s Layer Booster Feed

When it comes to feeding your chicken, it is important to know what is best chicken feed and how to feed them. Even when different brands of feed use the same ingredients, but the proportion will depend on the chicken age and the type of chicken.

With so many options of feed available, you could be overwhelming trying to get to know all the different labels. This post will help you choose the best chicken feed by comparing two of the most common chicken feed: Brown’s Layer Booster Feed VS. Scratch and Peck Feeds.

#1 Types of feed

Both Brown’s Layer Booster Feed and Scratch and Peck Feeds are the best chicken feeds and have received positive reviews. However, there are many differences between them.

Scratch and Peck Feeds is grits and oyster shells feed for chicken. Shell grit is a rich source of calcium that helps the hens produce strong and sturdy shell eggs. Without shell grit the hens could not get enough amount of calcium and laying a wide variety of egg oddities.

Moreover, shell grits can be store in the chicken gizzard. This will make the chicken pulverize their feed and easier digest feed.

Brown feed is a pellet, which is one of the most common chicken feeds available. Pellets are compact cylinders of chicken feed. The reasons that make pellets the first choice for a chicken keeper is that they can hold their shape, easier to store and manage than other types of feed.

Besides, if you allow your chicken to access their pellets all day, they can store the excess pellets in the crop and digest them overnight.

#2 Ingredient and Nutritional

Scratch and Peck Foods can be used for all three ages of chickens: starter, grower and layer. Its ingredients include wheat, barley, peas, sesame meal plus vitamins and supplement. It is corn and soy-free, non-GMO and organic.

If you are looking for an all-natural food source for your chicken, then this feed can be the best option that gives the kitchen the total nutrition that they need. Scratch and Peck Foods provide your kitchen with an excellent amount of fatty acids and vitamins for the growth of them.

Brown feed includes corn, soybean meal, wheat middling, and other supplements. It also includes vitamins E, A, and D-3. The outstanding point of this feed is that it uses only natural plant protein.

16% Protein and high calcium formula in Brown feed make it ideal for laying hens. However, due to its amount of protein and calcium, it is should not be used for under 18 weeks of chickens.

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