What are the treats to offer chinchilla regularly?

If you gave you chinchillas their treats for the other days of the week, but they are doing good job, you may want to give them more treats. They are begging and they deserve another treat.

So this post is the solutions for you. You do not have to worry about give them too much treats since these treats we mention below will not only the reward for chinchillas but also good for their health. They are what you can give your chinchillas more frequently than other treats.

 #1 Dried Rose Hips

Many chinchilla owners and breeders say that it is one of the best chinchilla treats. You can offer your chinchilla every day without worrying about their sensitive digestion system. Dried rose hip is a good source of vitamin C for chinchillas. And it’s something that you can feed your chinchilla that’s a lot healthier than dried fruits or raisins.

You can easy find dried rose hips in many grocery stores. Give your chinchilla a hip each day, you should break it up and crush it down for them.

#2 Natural, untreated apple sticks

Wood chews are something you can regularly give to them, not only that it taste good, but also will help their teeth as well. Apple wood sticks are what your chinchilla will love. You chinchilla may eat the small twigs and bark off and chew the larger twigs.

Apple sticks should not be treated, glued, or painted. Instead, they should be sourced from an organically grown tree. For the best result and totally safe, these sticks should be boiled and then baked to dry before giving for chinchillas.

Aside from apple sticks, there are some woods that are safe to be offered such as Cottonwood, Dogwood, Elm, Poplar, Sycamore.

#3 Cholla Wood

Two of the best wood chews that you can give to your chinchilla are apple sticks and cholla wood. Cholla wood is great to give as treats even for young chinchillas and they can chew them as often as they can. Chollas wood will helps chinchilla trim their teeth. You also can use cholla wood to store other treats.

Just make sure that it is made of an organic, pesticide-free orchard and do not contains unknown, harmful chemicals.

#4 Bamboo

In the case that you’re struggling to find a high-quality wood that are safe and untreated. You can use bamboo as an alternative to wood. Bamboo is easier to find. You can often find a pack of bamboo chew toys online or in the pet stores.  Besides, hay for chinchillas is also a good choice to treat them.