Should you house crested gecko in too large terrarium?

When you’re looking for a house for crested geckos, this is the big change that the best crested gecko terrarium are usually 10 gallons or 30 gallons. But these is always a larger terrarium available out there and you may you wonder if crested gecko can place in the larger tank or not.

This post will clear up your queries, the pros and cons of larger terrariums for crested gecko, and also the recommendation on how big terrarium sizes should be.

#1 Standard crested gecko terrarium size

Reptile brands usually produce vertical terrariums in standard sizes. Normally, you are recommended too keep your baby crested geckos in 8 x 8 x 12 inches terrarium, juvenile created gecko in 12 x 12 x 18 inches. And adults should be housed in 18 x 18 x 24 inch terrarium.

#2 Is larger terrarium bad for crested gecko?

These tank size above are considered to be suitable for crested geckos. But it is not means that if you keep them in a larger terrarium, it will be too big for them. The face that if you have enough space to place a larger terrarium, I would like to recommend you use the larger one for your crested gecko.

If you’ve got an adult crested gecko, you can get a tank that is as big as you want. Because you will not know that maybe one day you will want to add more decoration or accessories in the tank and decrease the living space of your pet.

You should get the tank that is bigger than these standard sizes, 40 gallons tank is ideal to house crested gecko. You only have to ensure that tank is vertical or has at least a height of 36 inches.

#3 When is a terrarium too large for crested gecko?

Large tank is not good for crested gecko all the cases. Although bigger terrariums are still small compared to their natural habitat and they should be kept in a terrarium that larger than standard, this doesn’t apply for baby and juvenile crested geckos. A baby gecko should be housed in a 10 gallons or even smaller terrarium.

Baby and juvenile crested geckos may have difficulty finding food and water in too large terrarium and it also more difficult for you to keep an eye on your pets. They also can be scary in a too large terrarium if they cannot find the shelter areas.