How to make horse fly repellent for humans with fresh herbs?

The turning of the season is when the horsefly reproduces and grows. Rather than dealing with these annoyances, you can repel them using common materials from around the home.

You might be used to using horse fly repellent made from essential oils as you can easy find the recipe for this spray on internet. However, if there are not available essential oils in your home, of in case you feel uncomfortable with essential oils in your skin. You should look of the other recipe of best horse fly repellent for humans without essential oils.

This post will show you some homemade fly spray recipe with fresh herbs that you can use as an alternative to essential oils.

#1 Fresh mint herbs and citronella recipe

You will need:

2 tablespoon of chopped fresh mint herbs

6 tablespoon of finely chopped citronella. You can replace citronella to lavender, catnips or cloves.

A cup of water

1 cup of alcohol or witch hazel. You are recommended to use vodka

An empty spray bottle to store your mixture

In order to make it, heat up the cup of water with the fresh herbs in a saucepan. Cover the pan and wait for a few minutes. After boiling, wait this mixture until it cool down. Then strain the herbs out of the pan. You should squeeze out the excess water in the herb so as not to waste any of the liquid.

Adding a cup of alcohol in it and then fill the spray bottle with it. Store the bottle in a cool dry place until you are ready to use it.

#2 Vanilla extract recipe

You will need:

2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

5 tablespoon of  water

5 oz of baby oil.

A squeezable tube

This recipe is very simple. You just need to add all the ingredients and fill the squeezable tube with it. This mixture is quite dense due to the vanilla extract and baby oil. If this formula make you uncomfortable when add in your skin, you can add more water until you achieve your desired consistency.

#3 Tips against Horse Flies

Apart from 2 recipe with fresh herbs above, you can plant some insect-repellent plants around your living space. Some plants such as catnips, citronella, and lavender will emit the scent that flies hate and prone to them.

This method is not really effective with horse fly but may help you prone to small amount of them.

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