Noticeable things when using best substrates for leopard gecko

The fact that, choosing the best substrate for leopard gecko never been an easy task. There are a lot of materials for substrates that you can easily find in the surrounding or buying in any pet store. But there is also much debate over the matter which is the best and safe for leopard geckos.

Choosing wrong can cause the directly affect the health of your pet. It is obvious that we should look for something that not contain any potentially harm your leopard gecko but still have some factors we need to pay attention to when using the best substrate for leopard geckos.

Good substrates for leopard geckos

Paper towels: Good at absorbent, always available at the cheap price, easy to replace, environment friendly. But need to replace frequently and immediately if wet.

Reptile sand mat: totally safe with leopard geckos, not cause any risk of impaction due to its feature of gluing sand particles and the mad like mild sandpaper but it may get quite hard when cleaning.

Slate tile: This material easy to replace and clean, good at maintain heat but not absorbent so you need to clean frequently. More attracted leopard geckos than paper towels.

Special clay substrates: Clay can provide leopard geckos a good condition to show their natural behaviors because it can be shaped like clay when it is wet, but tricky to install and clean. It is considered as the best bedding for leopard geckos.

Moreover, there are some other materials that you can try as substrates for your pet such as newspapers, reptile carpet, large river pebbles, stone slabs, etc. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantage. It is hard to know exactly what is suitable for your pet for the first time because each leopard geckos has its preferences.

Substrate requirements

The material of substrates should not give any trouble for leopard geckos when they walk on, laid on it and can catch the waste produced by the geckos

Cleaning and changing substrates frequency levels will depend on the types of substrate. For example, when you see some feces in the sand, you will need to clean out the cage and remove the dirty sand part.

However, if it is a paper towel, you will need to replace it at least once time a week, because the paper towel is easy to wet and rips materials. It is also not great at collecting waste as sand.

And the most important thing is that the substrates have to safe for leopard geckos. They also should not cause irritating to the gecko’s skin and do not build up the dust, which leads the problem for the gecko’s respiratory system.

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