What Features To Look For In Goat Hoof Trimmers?

Whether you keep your goats on a farm or you graze them in the pasture, the goat hoofs need care and trim regularly. Without trimming hooves, your flock might suffer from foot rot, arthritics and some foot diseases caused by bacterial.

If you have a flock of goats, this work of trimming hooves could take days to be done. However, there are some shearing tool out there will help you better and easy to trim. This post is what you should look for in goat hoof trimmer.

#1 Blade and hardness

It is needless to say that blade is the most important factor you should pay attention when buying a goat hoof trimming tools. The blade is the main feature will determine how efficiency the trimmer is.

The blade edge should be made of high carbon steel material and anti-rust, carbon steel will ensure the hardness for your blade. You can also choose regular steel instead. The blade should be hard and sharp with a good edge holder.

Moreover, goat hoof trimmers will better have a serrated blade, the serrated edges help the user keep a good grip.

#2 Easy to hold and handle

The best goat hoof trimmers must have a durable handle and comfortable enough to hold, this will aid in trimming. Besides, the handle needs a good grip to avoid any accident that can cause injury for yourself and your goats in the trimming process. The grip of the handle also affects the result of your work.

If the handle made of plastic, it may hard to handle and easy to slippery. Especially when you have to trim for many goats. Your hand will hurt after days of trimming.

Instead, you can use a good metal handle with non-slip cover. The cover of the handle will ensure your hand won’t be hurt and provide a firm grip as well.

#3 Strong spring

A strong spring opening will make the trimming much easier. It allows you to open and close the trimmer whenever you want. Moreover, strong spring makes the cutting line much smoother and also reduces the fatigue of your arms and hands.

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