How To Cut Guinea Pig Nails?

Guinea pigs require glooming and trimming their nails regularly. This is not only to keep them always look nice but also to maintain their health. You need to learn how to cut guinea pig nails to help them trim down their claws.

Without trimming, the guinea pig’s nails will curl around; this will make the walking of guinea pigs painful and uncomfortable.

How to restrain your guinea pig’s nails?

The most difficult part of this work is restraining your guinea pigs before trimming.  When you first do this work, this may the difficult task and have a helper hold your guinea pig will much easier for you.

But when the nails trimming turn to regular routine for you and your pet, your guinea pigs will get used to it and less squirm.

Take your guinea pigs out of their cage. Place them on your lap. They should be facing away from you.

Raise them up and stand by their hind legs on your lap. Place them with their back against your belly.  Then you can hold their feet easily in front of them.

If your guinea pigs still squirm and hard to control them, you can gently wrap them up using the light towel. Make sure that you do not wrap them too tightly and make them scared.

Or you can also relax them with the best guinea pig food, which will distract your pet and calm it.

How to cut guinea pigs nails?

If your guinea pig’s nails are light or bright pink, cutting in front of the quick. Ensure that you do not cut too close to the quick or your guinea pig can be a pain.

If your guinea pig’s nails are a dark color, you have to guess the safe area to cut based on the shape of the nail. If you are not confident, it is safest to cut down about ¼ inch from the top of the nail.

What to do if the nail bleeding

There are also some accidents that can be happened when trimming. If you accidentally cut into the quick part and the nails start bleeding.

Although the bleeding does not cause any disastrous you also have to stop the bleeding using some things such as styptic powder, corn starch, flour, etc.

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