How to Make Cold Pressed Juice

You can’t beat a fresh cold pressed juice in the morning. But imagine if you could make this at home rather than shedding out the big bucks at an organic cafe? In this post, we take a look at how a cold press juicer actually works and how you can make a cold press juice without one of these machines. With our help, you will be well on your way to your 5 a day!

How does a cold pressed juicer work?

If you’re wondering ‘how do you cold press juice’ the simple answer is with a cold pressed juicer. A cold pressed juice is a liquid that is created using a hydraulic press which extracts the juice from the fruit, another name for this is a ‘cold pressed juicer’. This is different from a centrifugal juicer that uses heat and a high-speed mechanism in order to extract the juice from the fruit. A cold pressed juicer is different as it uses a mastication method in order to replicate the process of eating fruit so that the nutrients in the fruit are preserved.

A cold press juicer works by crushing the fruit (or vegetables) first and then spins and squeezes the juice out slowly. This method doesn’t use a lot of heat and is designed to maximize the health benefits of the fruit when it is in juice form.

How to make cold pressed juice

To make cold pressed juice it is ideal to have a cold pressed juicer. However, these can be pretty pricey so here we show you how to make cold pressed juice with just a blender.

#1 Step 1: Prepare your fruit

Gather your chosen fruit together and then chop it up roughly. It is also a good idea to through some veggies into the mix if you want to give your cold pressed juice that additional health kick.

#2 Step 2: Add fruit and water to the blender

The next step is to add your chosen ingredients to the blender with around a cup of water (you can adjust this if necessary). It is important to note that a blender does generate some heat so the nutritious benefit of making cold pressed juice in this way will not be quite as good as when using the real thing. Blend all of the ingredients together until you can’t see any more chunks and you have a nice looking puree formed.

#3 Step 3: Strain the juice

Finally, all that is left to do is strain the juice. It can be helpful to do this through a cheesecloth or a piece of muslin to really filter out all of the pulp and ensure you’re drinking pure juice. And that’s it, all that is left to do is enjoy! You can store your freshly made cold pressed juice for around 5 days in the refrigerator.

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