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Blog Update

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest, you may have noticed that I’ve been including more home decor related posts. When I first created this blog, my goal was to inspire others to be more receptive to natural/organic brands and to give people with curly hair the confidence they need and deserve. Although this still holds true and is something that I hold dear to my heart, I have also realized that I’m very loyal to products. I’m not high maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup, and once I find something that works for me and that I trust, I don’t continue to try and test different products. In fact, I have a pretty neutral makeup routine that is consistent from day-to-day. Believe it or not, it took me some time to realize this. This is not to say that I’ve sworn off any new brands, but for the most part, my facial, hair and makeup routines have remained the same.

I’ve mentioned something similar in the past, but to me Bashful Beauty Blog is a place for all things beauty. Beauty in fashion, home decor, travel, makeup, hair and just life in general. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I didn’t want you to feel like I’ve forgotten about my readers or question why I don’t post more frequent makeup and hair posts. Rest assured, those topics are still important to me and will still be featured here.

With that said, I hope you guys will enjoy the new and approved blog.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get a peek inside my kitchen, I’ll share how I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary and I’ll show you the finished product of DIY project I’m currently working on with my husband.

Let me know what you think about the new direction of my blog in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Time to grab that camera and travel bag. And remember, live life and do what you love. 

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Lighweight Products for Curly Hair

Today I wanted to share two new curly hair products that I’ve been obsessed with lately.

Last month I scheduled a haircut appointment at Christo NYC, home to the Curlisto Natural Curls line, and was introduced to the Defining Lotion and Protein Boost. Believe me when I say that these products are nothing short of amazing. Lightweight, while still providing results.

After washing your hair, spray some Protein Boost on your hair, concentrating on the ends. Then, section your hair into three or four parts so that you can apply the Defining Lotion to additional mini sections. This will allow the product to fully saturate the hair. Even though I have curly hair, I don’t have thick hair (believe it or not), and I still think this step is important.

Although the products are a little pricey, you only need to apply small portions to get results. I’ve had my 16 fl oz bottle for about a month and I’ve only used a quarter of it. At that rate, this should last me about 3 or 4 more months. And if you’re curious, I now have medium length hair since getting my haircut.

Here’s a recent picture, which you’ve probably seen on Facebook and Instagram, if you follow me.

Do you have any lightweight hair products that you recommend? Comment below to let me know, and find me on Facebook and Instagram!

I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. 


Vanity Knobs and Pulls

We’re halfway through the week, guys! Today I wanted to share an easy way to test out new vanity knobs and pulls in your bathroom before officially committing to drilled holes and screws. Sometimes you find that things look entirely different from what you had envisioned, so this is a no fuss way to ensure that you like it.

The secret is removal adhesive putty!

My husband and I couldn’t decide between two pulls and one knob for our bathroom vanity, so we bought all three to test out over the weekend. Each item was less than $3 and with Home Depot’s lovely return policy, it made sense to hold off on making a decision.

So here’s a before shot of our vanity.

Now here are the 3 different options. We realized that we placed the pulls and knob too high, but we did position the one we decided to go with a bit lower, which you’ll see in the final look at the end.

Once we picked the one we liked best, the Mr. took his measurements to ensure that everything was aligned, positioned it a bit lower, then drilled the holes.

Although each piece of hardware had something that we liked, we decided to keep it simple since our bathroom is a bit small and we didn’t want to draw too much attention to it. We wanted a clean, simple look.

So without further adieu, here’s the winner…

I hope you like it! This is a great way to try out different looks without ruining your vanity/cabinets. You can find a removal adhesive putty on Amazon, Staples, and Walmart, to name a few, for less than $5.

What do you think of this method? Comment below to let me know, and find me on Facebook and Instagram!

I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.



We’ve all been there: Spent a bit more time at the pool, and our skin turns red and inflamed. Turns out, cannabis may be the answer for even this! In the event that you have a sunburn, cannabidiol or CBD may have the therapeutic impacts to help mend, secure, and soothe your symptoms and burns.

We’ve all known about the remedial uses of CBD—how it can treat certain types of epilepsy, and possibly various other conditions as Parkinson’s, uneasiness, Alzheimer’s, and even depression. Be that as it may, can CBD likewise be helpful for treating sunburns?


A sunburn is the skin’s response to bright (UV) beams. UV beams cause harm to the skin; a sunburn happens when the body sends provocative cells to the site of the harm trying to recuperate, protect the skin against further harm, and motivate the human to escape the sun. Sunburns are a deferred reaction and will show up at some point after the sun exposure that caused them. Peak redness will show up 12– 24 hours after exposure. Sunburn indications are commonly constrained to pain, peeling skin and redness, but sometimes it can also include chills in some areas, fever, vomiting and nausea. Following a sunburn, in the event that you end up blacking out, encountering low blood pressure, or winding up weak, ensure you visit a hospital

Help your skin improve. The first is to use  CBD Topical Cream on Amazon hat won’t irritate the skin. You’ll find that mild bath.


CBD has a few impacts that could be useful in treating a sunburn: anti-inflammatory, which focuses on the fundamental component of sunburn-related pain; antibacterial, which is valuable since consumed skin is particularly vulnerable to contamination; antioxidant, which is helpful in battling free radicals. It likewise contains fundamental unsaturated fats that help emolliate dry skin. CBD additionally hoists anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid that eases pain.

There hasn’t been much research on utilizing CBD to treat sunburns, but the recounted proof is promising. Those who’ve tried smearing topical CBD on sunburns report a cooling sensation and easing of pain. Some even report accelerated mending of the burns. There might be an absence of observational examinations, however, theory and anecdotes line up: CBD is likely viable at treating sunburns!


The least difficult way to deal with a sunburn with CBD is to utilize topical CBD. Topical CBD is any moisturizer, demulcent, ointment or cream injected with the cannabinoid.You can use Best CBD Skin Cream.CBD oil can likewise be utilized topically. Prior to application, wash your skin tenderly with a washcloth. Apply the topical liberally, in a few layers. At that point, kick back and appreciate the mitigating impacts.

For additional adequacy, you might need to consider a CBD topical that likewise incorporates aloe vera. CBD fans have speculated that the blend of these two fixings could be a wonderful mix for treating sunburns.

In case you’re searching for an all-natural but cutting-edge technique for treating your sunburns, CBD is an incredible alternative to try different things with. Attempt a blend of oral and topical use for greatest advantage!


How to Extract CBD by Ethanol at Home

While there are multiple ways by which it will be possible to carry out the extraction process, the use of ethanol or alcohol is one of the most popular.

Find the Hemp

Regardless of the extraction method that you will choose, the process starts with the selection of the hemp. It is important to choose one that has high quality, which also speaks of the quality of the oil that can be extracted from the source.

Do your research before you begin. There are some companies selling their proprietary strains, which are marketed specifically to produce the best oils.

It should also be noted that there are two types of sources that are extracted. They can either be extracts from whole plants or from isolates.

Soak the Plant

Once the hemp is ready, the next thing that you have to do is to soak it in the ethanol. Usually, grain alcohol is used.

A good thing about soaking hemp in ethanol is that it gets rid of the non-essential components of the plant, which include chlorophyll. The presence of the latter can have a negative impact on the purity of the oil.

Heat the Solution

This is a process that is technically known amongst growers as Roto Vap. In the simplest form, it involves heating the solution for the purpose of speeding up its evaporation.

After the evaporation, the CBD oil is transferred into a separate container or chamber.

Refine the Solution

Purity is a major concern when it comes to the extraction of CBD from hemp. That being said, the process also involves being able to remove any impurity that is still present in the oil before it is used.

Technically, this step is known as chromatography. This will be beneficial in the removal of unwanted matter that has not been removed by ethanol in the earlier step.

Ready for Use

After evaporation, whatever remains in the container is already your CBD oil. You can have it stored for later or use as desired.

Aside from ethanol, this process of extracting CBD oil can be done using other liquid solvents, which include butane and hexane. They strip the potent compounds of the hemp, transform them into liquid, undergoes evaporation, and whatever remains becomes the oil.


6 Night Pool Party Ideas You Never Thought Of

Planning a night pool party at home? You do not need to be an experienced party planner to be able to pull it off! Keep on reading and we’ll share some valuable tips that will make it possible to organize a party that will leave your guests wanting more and looking forward to the next time you will invite them over!

Use LED Glow Balls

While there are endless designs of LED pool lights that you can consider, one of the best is a glowing ball. It is an instant way to add character to the swimming pool, making it look more enchanting come nighttime. Putting a single glow ball won’t do the trick. Instead, you should use several sizes of the same shape to create a design statement. It will also be good if they change colors to make the mood more dramatic.

Use Floating Candles

If the pool party is more intimate, such as when you invite the family over to have dinner, you can consider candles as floats instead of the LED glow ball. Make sure to use the right candles. Otherwise, it will be frustrating as it can get wet and the light won’t stay up for a long time. Use candles that are big enough to float in the pool. Use lots of candles for a more stylish look. You can also add floating flowers to make the environment more romantic.

Use Fairy Jar Lanterns

This is a clever way to make the pool more magical. The jars do not have to float on the water. Instead, you can place them in clusters on the side of the pool to give it a different personality. Their different colors will surely captivate the attention of any guest. By the time the party ends, there will be someone asking you how the jars were made. You will need a clear mason jar. Cut a glow stick into half and put it in the jar. Put the glitters in the jar, making sure they stick on the edges from the inside. Put the lid on, shake the jar, and put it on the side of the pool.

Use Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can easily get wet, so you have to make sure that they won’t get in direct contact with the water. Like the jar, you can put them on the sides. You can also hang them over the pool. You can also light up the lantern from the inside to make it look more appealing. You can choose to do these lanterns on your own or buy one that is ready-made if you do not have the patience and creativity necessary to complete the task.

Use Balloons

Balloons seem overrated in terms of decorating, but you can actually be surprised with regards to what they can actually do to transform a boring pool into a lively place. If you expect that no one will be swimming in the pool, fill it with balloons. It should be crowded enough to the point that there is no space in between. Underneath, there should be lights, which will make the balloons appear as if they are glowing when you see them from above.

Use a Projector

Take your pool party to the next level by transforming the backyard into a small private theater. You will need to have a projector to do this. Hang a blank white screen at one end of the pool. At the other end, set up a table and a projector. If you have a light-colored wall, this can already double as the screen for your movie screening.



7 Easy Tips for an Incredible Pool Party

Whether it is a kid’s birthday party, an intimate family gathering, or a Christmas dinner, among other events, a pool party is always a good idea! Regardless whether it is day or night, it is sure to be fun, as long as you properly prepare for it. That being said, read on and learn from some of the tips we will be sharing!

Keep It Clean

Before you even think of the way to decorate the venue or the food and drinks that will be served, pay attention to making the pool clean. Especially if you expect the guests to be swimming, the pool should be in its tip-top condition. You should use an automatic pool cleaner to get rid of the dirt and the debris that can give guests an unpleasant swimming experience.

Be Colorful

There are many ways by which it will be possible to add a splash of color during the pool party. One of the easiest would be to throw in some balloons in the pool. If the party is at nighttime, you will also benefit from using colorful pool lights. Even outside of the pool, you can be colorful. Use straws with bright colors. Set-up vibrant-colored pillows and blankets to create a picnic theme.

Blow it Up

Blow some floats to make the party more fun. Floats will be multipurpose. It can be used by kids who do not know how to swim. Also, it can be used for taking that IG-worthy shots. Pool floats are available in a wide array of designs and colors, so you will never run out of choices. Whether it is a unicorn, donut, popsicle, pineapple, or flamingo, among other designs, it is sure to make the swimming pool more inviting.

Prepare Games

It is not just all about making the pool look beautiful. For an epic party, make sure that there are games, among other forms of entertainment that would make your guests want to stay longer. Provide prizes that will motivate the guests to join the game. See to it that the games will be appropriate to the age of those people who are in the party.

Mind the Music

Aside from the games, music will also be important to keep the guests entertained during the party. Just be careful to not play it too loud so that your neighbors won’t end up complaining of the noise. Prepare a playlist, which will largely depend on the age of the people who will be attending the party.

Provide Party Favors

If budget permits, giving your guests a little something to take home with them is another sure-fire way to make the party incredible and memorable. It does not have to be expensive. A lei, party hat, or cheap sunglass could do. Look for something that guests can actually use and at the same time, will make them remember your party.

Fill Up Your Guests’ Tummy

This is perhaps the most important aspect of coming up with an incredible pool party. Make sure that your guests’ tummies will be filled. Prepare food and drinks that are appropriate for the theme. A BBQ party will be nice during the summer. Make sure as well that there are drinks, especially refreshing cocktails that will be perfect to beat a hot day. An ice cream station will also be nice to have, especially for a kid’s party.